Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Intraday Share Trading Tips

After continue fall yesterday take support 5700 and almost closed at 5754. As hold 5700 level short term up side.... But try to exit and play for fresh short.......As long as hold 5850 again it will test 5700, thereafter real panic will start and may test 5500 mark easily. 5842-5854 crucial hurdles to watch out for. Crossover above 5854 it'll surge up corrective to 5891, 5930-5955 & 5979. Downward side 5697 a most crucial support break below which it'll heavily crash down to 5612 & 5568.

As expected it was taken a support 19000 and U turn were saw resulted it was closed at 19196 level... Over all trend is bearish and rise to selling strategy to be adopted. Now today consider resistance 19211 trade and sustained above may test 19250-19301.. down side below 19000 down side target 18950. Major support 18510.
19003-18954 crucial supports to watch out for. Upward side 19297 & 19435-19495 crucial hurdles. Crossover above 19495 it'll surge up correctively to 19630, 19696 & 19860.
Downward side break below 18954 it'll heavily crash down to 18739 & 18575. 
As expected it was taken support at lower level...10631 and pull back were saw resulted made a high was 10980 level. Both daily and weekly chart entered in over sold zone. Down side 10500 is a strong support level.... Higher level resistance 11000 to be watch out.....

Finally support play for 980.... Higher level resistance 1035-1040 to be watch out. Major shorting were saw on yesterday intraday trading session ....showing long term bull sign, but the same time the counter sowing short term sell signal, so advised to wait for the new buying and buy around 1050, and maintain 1040 as strict stop loss.

Corrective rally will continue.....likely supply again at higher level... Trend is bearish....remember resistance 1376........Maintain short position.  Stop at   1380.0000.   Wave 5 could drop down to   1032.

Strong trend reversal from the lower level 2535 and consider your stop loss too and buy side.......Highly over sold and RSI trading below 20.........Weakness only close below 2535 on closing basis... till then... no problem in this counter and buy side. 

Technically looks good as remain hold 700... fundamental too a lot of loans and crude price are up ward trend.........

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